The Importance of Pillows to Children

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Pillows to Children

According to Kid’s Health, one of the most trusted online resources for advice on parenting issues and children’s health, a comfortable pillow can make all the difference between sound and restless sleep. It thus goes without saying that you must choose your toddler’s pillow carefully, particularly because the young one will spend the better part of the day sleeping.

Does My Child Really Need a Pillow?

Yes. But the pillow has to be introduced at the right age. Your toddler, just like you is prone to neck aches. And, because the young one can’t ask for help, it’s your duty to figure out when to introduce a pillow to the toddler.

It is important to note that the child’s bones are still fragile, and severe neck aches can interfere with the kid’s development.

Speaking of age, when should you introduce a sleeping pillow to your child? According to health experts, you shouldn’t let your child sleep on a pillow until they’re over two years. At the tender age, toddlers tend to turn a lot while sleeping leaving them vulnerable to suffocating more so if they sleep facing down.

What the Best Sleeping Pillow for My Child?

When buying your toddler’s first sleeping pillow, choose a firm one. How do you check a pillow’s firmness? Just press it down with your hand. The best sleeping pillow for your child should rise soon after you lift the hand. A firm pillow will not only provide comfort but also help young one maintain the right posture while asleep. In essence, this also translates to proper early muscle and spinal development.

Does the Pillow’s Filling Matter?

Yes. As a matter of fact, the filling, to some extent, determines the pillows firmness. For a starter pillow, choose the memory foam range. Ideally, such pillows are designed to conform to multiple sleeping positions, and thus will offer maximum comfort. You may also go for a water-based pillow especially because of its ability to stay cool through the night. In short, select a pillow whose filling can conform to the young one’s sleeping style.

Keep in mind that at the tender age, your child’s skin may react to certain fillings. Be sure to select a pillow that is made using hypoallergenic materials to keep the toddler safe. Avoid pillows filled with materials such as feathers or anything fluffy.

What About the Type? Which is the Best Type?

Again, the kind of sleeping pillow to go for is primarily determined by your child’s sleeping style. For instance, if he or she is a side sleeper, a knee or body pillow will be the best choice. A knee or body pillow will ensure that the toddler’s legs stay apart thereby reducing the strain on the spine. By extension, such pillows will also reduce the stress subjected to the neck.

Consider purchasing a pillow that’s smaller than the regular pillow. Note that baby pillows are typically designed to support the size of the child’s head.

That Said, What are the Benefits of Baby Pillows?

  • If he or she is of age, your child will have a better night’s sleep lying on a pillow
  • Baby pillows prevent neck aches while the child is sleeping
  • Baby pillows offer the necessary support to ensure that the young one doesn’t suffer from stunted growth
  • Helps keep the effects of inadequate sleep such as fatigue and depression at bay
  • Baby pillows encourage better sleeping habits such as going to bed at the set times.

In Conclusion

The comfort of your child is an integral part of teaching him or her to sleep well. Toddler pillow brings to the fore the benefit of additional support, especially when the young one is transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed. The right pillow can go a long way in helping the child enjoy a deep and sound sleep because he or she has the level of comfort required to fall and stay asleep. Besides, choosing the right baby pillow ensures that the toddler is safe while he or she sleeps.

That said, if you child if above the age of two, consider introducing a pillow to him or her to help them sleep better and to keep problems such as neck pain at bay.

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