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Pregnant women usually have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position, hence the thought of buying a pregnancy pillow, but hold it off a bit ‘coz you have to read this before you buy a pregnancy pillow.

While pregnancy is understandably a very exciting phase in any woman’s life, it can also be a time of discomfort and debilitating symptoms. However, it is every soon-to-be-mom’s duty to take care of herself the most because anything she does with herself definitely creates an impact to her unborn baby. Besides eating healthy foods during pregnancy, getting enough and comfortable sleep is another thing she must work on.

Buy A Pregnancy Pillow
Buy A Pregnancy Pillow

Some pregnant ladies enroll in prenatal yoga classes or meditation classes to attract better sleep. While doing any of these works for most moms-to-be, the easiest way to ensure that you get the right amount of sleep and a comfortable sleeping position is to have a soft and wide enough bed and a pillow that supports the entire body. Great thing is that there are now pregnancy pillows that can help pregnant ladies sleep on their sides comfortably. As you probably know, sleeping on sideways during pregnancy (specifically on the left side is best for the expecting mom and the baby in her womb) compared to sleeping in supine position, which can make breathing harder and can even lead to “supine hypotension syndrome”. With these said, the correct sleeping position during pregnancy is not just about comfort but also about safety and prevention of complications and pain.

Now, before you discard all your regular pillows and make the switch to pregnancy pillows, there are some more things you have to know about choosing the right pregnancy pillow. So, read these firsts.

Important Things About Pregnancy Pillows


Pregnancy pillows come in all shapes too. There are rectangular, C-shape, round, or U-shape pillows. Decide which shape is most comfortable for you. Some pregnancy pillows also have detachable parts, so you can adjust it according to your preference.


The next thing that you should look for in a pregnancy pillow is its shape. Nowadays, there are one-size-fits-all pregnancy pillows out in the market, which may not be appropriate for taller women. If you are taller than average women, you must consider the length of the pregnancy pillow. Go for the one that can provide you comfort from head to foot, otherwise it may just end up adding to your discomfort.


Cotton is breathable, so a pregnancy pillow that is made up of 100% cotton is not just soft and comfortable for the entire body but is also cooler. Cotton pregnancy pillows are much more huggable than any other kind because you don’t worry about sweating out as you pull the pillow closer to your body while you sleep. In fact, they can even be substitute for comforters.
Another material besides cotton that you can consider is FusionTM Fiberfill.


Now, this is one more thing you have to consider. First, the pregnancy pillow must come with its own pillow case as it is often hard to look for pillow cases for pregnancy pillows because of their unique size and shape. Unless the entire pillow is machine washable without having its content sagged, choose the one that has its own pillow case.

Moreover, you must check the fabric used for the pillow and its case. It must be comfortable and must not be irritating to the skin because remember that you will have it in contact to your entire body as you sleep. Just like the pillow material, the fabric must be breathable so you can comfortably complete a night sleep. The fabric must feel soft and comfortable, and must not trigger body heat.


Most women put this first on their list. Before you buy your own pregnancy pillow, make sure to compare prices first. Check with local and online stores and go for the one, which can give you buying convenience better (i.e. shipping period).

Be as smart as you can when buying a pregnancy pillow because you will be using it even after giving birth as most of these pillows also work well as nursing pillows. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on a low-quality and uncomfortable pillow.

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