How to Wash Your Pillows

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Wash Your Pillows

It’s quite common for people to sidestep the pillows when conducting weekly laundering of the sheets and other bedding. This is because most people consider washing pillows to be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, with a few trick and tips, you can wash your pillows every other week to give your sleeping space a new, fresh, nice start.

How to Wash Your Pillows

Tips and Tricks You Should Know Before Getting Started

Before you even begin to wash your pillow, you need to check under the label to find out if it can be machine washed (most are machine washable). If it is, follow the following steps:

• Start by checking the seams to see if there are openings that need repair before washing. Note that washing can remove stuffing that could affect the functionality of your machine.

• Fill the machine half full with warm water. Add the laundry detergent. Ignite the start cycle and let it run for about three minutes. This is done to ensure that the soap mixes evenly with the water.

• Place the pillows opposite to each other inside the water while ensuring that the water remains balanced. In case you are washing a single pillow, you can keep the water balanced by using a small blanket or towels.

• Continue adding water to the washer until the pillows are fully submerged and can move freely. Also, keep the pushing the pillows into the water to help release the air.

• Select the “gentle cycle” option and let the pillow wash for four to eight minutes. Be sure to lift the lid after the first minute to ensure that the pillows are entirely submerged in the water and are not retaining air pockets.

For the best results, it is recommended that you wash two pillows at a time and use a front or top loading machine without an agitator. In case an agitator style top loader is your only option, be sure to place the pillows in a vertical direction. This way, it is less likely that the pillows will get wrapped around and damaged by the agitator.

Foam Pillows

Foam pillows cannot be machine washed. However, if they have a removable cover, you can still wash them by the instructions on the label. If the pillow doesn’t have a removable cover, you can get rid of the dust by vacuuming both sides of the pillow using a vacuum upholstery tool.

Alternatively, you could tumble the pillow inside a dryer, but you have to select the “heat or air only” cycle for about 20minutes. If the pillows become soiled, you can dip the dirty area in a mild sudsy solution. Rinse using a damp, clean cloth and make sure that the pillow dries up completely before putting it back in bed.

Hand Washing Your Pillows

The washing instructions on some pillows say that they can only be hand washed. If you decide to wash your pillows using the hands, be gentle. This is because the wet foam is heavy can tear easily. To ensure that the pillows stay clean for longer, consider using liners under the pillow cases. You can then clean the liners on a monthly basis.

When Do You Replace the Pillow?

When you fold a pillow in half, and it cannot spring back into its original shape, then it’s time to replace it.

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