How to Choose the Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow

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Stomach Sleeper Pillow

According to statistics, up to 65% of Americans sleep on their stomach from time to time. Even though popular, sleeping on your stomach can lead to problems such as chronic back aches, postural pain, and indigestion. Nonetheless, with a stomach sleeper pillow, you can still enjoy a good night sleep while keeping the aforementioned problems at bay.

What follows is a comprehensive guide of how to choose the best sleeper pillow and what you should put into consideration before spending your money.

But, before delving into the stomach pillow buyer’s guide, it is equally important to have a brief overview of the various types of stomach sleeper pillows in the market.

Foam Pillows – These are the most common stomach sleeper pillows in the market. They are affordable, easy to maintain and soft. Foam pillows are designed to reduce the pressure on the neck, spine, head and other pressure points while you sleep on your stomach. While foam pillows are versatile, they may not be the best option if you are looking for long term comfort because they tend to lose shape over time.

Memory Foams – Memory stomach sleeper pillows can mold around your body to give you extra support. They offer side support and would make a great option for pregnant women.

Latex Pillows – These are firm and can support multiple body parts. Compared to other stomach sleeper pillows, latex pillows are resistant to mold and dust mites. You might want to know that these pillows tend to get stiff when used over time.

Wood and Cotton Pillows – These are conventional types of stomach sleeper pillows, are easy to use and pocket-friendly as well. Wood and cotton pillows could be your best option if you are looking for pillows that with no allergens that could harm your skin. When buying these pillows, look or those made using inorganic covers.

Feathers – A stomach sleeper pillow made using soft feathers and is easy to move the stuffing around. Because fluffy feather pillows are firm, they are an excellent choice when you want to reduce the risk of backaches and joint pain while sleeping on your stomach.

Choosing the Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow

Now that you know the various types of pillows in the market, here are pointers to help you end up with the best stomach sleeper pillow as per your needs.

Decide Which Pillow Meets Your Needs – The level of comfort, durability, and ease of use should come into play when choosing a stomach sleeper pillow. You certainly want a pillow that will offer maximum support while guaranteeing a long life.

Check on The Pillows Breathability – Choose a pillow that will absorb sweat and one that promotes breathability. The ability of a stomach sleeper pillow to absorb sweat is essential as it increases the level of comfort.

Choose a Flat Pillow – To reduce the risk of back pain and the pressure subjected to the neck and the joints while sleeping on your stomach, you are better off with a reasonably flat pillow.

Try Out The Pillow Before Buying – If you are buying the pillow from a physical store, be sure to try out the pillow before spending your money on it. Doing so will be the surest way to find out if the pillow is in line with your needs.

What Do Others Have to Say About the Pillow? – If you are buying your stomach sleeper pillow from an online store such as, consider reading the customer reviews first. That way, you will get a glimpse of what to expect with the pillow. Of course, highly rated pillows, with tons of reviews are likely to offer the best value for money.

Budgetary Allocation – Yes, your budget may determine the stomach sleeper pillow you may end up with. However, you can still get the best pillow by conducting a more accurate search online. For instance, you look for, “best stomach pillow under $100” and so on. It is important to note that highly priced stomach pillows are necessarily the best and vice versa. Concentrate on what the pillow has to offer and your specific needs.

Sleeping on your stomach doesn’t have to come with joint and back problems if you choose the right stomach sleeper pillow. Whether you are a pregnant woman or you prefer sleeping on the stomach or are looking for a stomach sleeper pillow for your child, the above guide puts you in the right launch pad to getting what you want.

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