Bodily Changes To Be Expected During Pregnancy

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Changes To Be Expected During Pregnancy

Giving life to another being from your own body is truly one of natures most magnificent gifts. In pregnancy not only does a women share her womb, but also nurtures the baby throughout the gestation period. Therefore, both body and mind undergo great changes. An increase in waistline is what most people expect. But, from your toenails to your hair, almost every part is affected. The remarkable thing is that even though the body is undergoing both physical and psychological transformations, it can accommodate such changes during pregnancy. Here is a list of some bodily changes a woman is expected to go through during pregnancy


Breast size may become larger and will feel softer during the initial stages of pregnancy. Around the due date, breast size increases even more due to hormonal changes as the body is preparing for breastfeeding. In some cases during the third trimester, colostrum a milky fluid may start leaking from the breasts.

Body Temperature

Due to a fast metabolism rate during pregnancy, women feel warmer. Also, due to high sweat gland activity, rate of sweating increases during pregnancy. High consumption of water daily and loose clothes are thus recommended.

Mouth and tooth

As during pregnancy, the body will require more calcium for the baby than normal, if this is not fulfilled through one’s diet then it will directly be taken from your teeth and bones. This is the reason for bleeding gums during pregnancy. Regular oral checkups are recommended for monitoring teeth and gum health during pregnancy.

Nails and hair

The hair tends to get longer and thicker during pregnancy due to increased estrogen levels. But this growth is not only limited to the head. Hair growth on the back, upper lip, back is normal. But after pregnancy, shedding of hair is also experienced as the estrogen level falls. Normal hair growth can be seen between 4 to 6 months after the birth. The texture of nails also changes during pregnancy, owing to the high blood flow level to the toes and fingers. This also results in the increase in the growth rate of nails.


Stretch marks on breasts, thighs, abdomen and buttocks during second half of the gestation period. Due to hormonal changes many body parts may undergo hyperpigmentation. Darkening of moles, increase in acne are some of the few changes a woman may face during pregnancy.

Belly button

The belly button pops out during the second or third trimester.

Musculoskeletal Changes

This denotes the changes of the musculature and skeleton structure together. The curvature of the spinal cord is realigned during pregnancy to create a balance as the body of the baby develops. During labor, the ligaments that hold together the pelvic bones loosen.

Changes in Urinary system

Due to pressure inserted by the unborn baby on the urethra, bladder and pelvic muscles, bladder control issues and leaking of urine during coughing, sneezing or laughing is very common.


Arches on the feet tend to flatten out in addition to the increase in size. Ankles may also swell due to the extra fluids produced by the body which accumulate in these places.

Cardiovascular changes

As the whole cardiovascular system undergoes changes like increase in growth of blood vessels, gentle increase in blood volume and expansion of the uterus, results in pressure exerted on the veins which results in slowdown of the blood flowing back to the heart. This is the reason for the swelling of veins above the skin surface having a blue or dark purple color. They can be mostly encountered on the legs and calves and are known as varicose veins.

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