7 Things To Do Before You Go To Bed

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Things To Do Before You Go To Bed

Auw, night sleep, R.E.M, love making, and a quiet night of rest. Sleeping on clouds is how it should be every night for every individual, but it’s not this ideal for all of us, as we all deal with some type of external and internal stressor that can affect our ever so precious sleep. There are plenty of tasks that we can make sure to follow in order to finally accomplish our desired goals to have restful and actual sleep. Life is all about resting, or it should be anyway. Rest and sleep are so imperative to our well-being. It is possible that if we don’t sleep, we will in fact affect our own health and immunity, which will in turn affect the amount of years that we live, in other words our lives will be shortened. In fact, when we drowsily carry through our days, we then bring our bodies to a point of feeling drunk. Lack of sleep can cause various mishaps and it can also limit our ability to think and use our physical body for the greater succession and beyond. Learning about what we can do to make sure that we have a better sleep session should not be brushed off lightly. Seven steps below.

1. Turn Off and Keep All Electronics Away!

Electronic devices not only hurt our precious eyes, especially in the dark night light, but they can also keep us from falling asleep. Too much smartphone lcd screens in our faces at a constant rate is never a good thing, this can further disturb our vision, sleep patterns, and hands. Try to leave your smartphone out of your bedroom, otherwise suffer the consequences. IPhones when plugged in, have been known to sometimes overheat. If left on cotton sheets or on any kind of fabric, the iPhone could potentially be a dangerous fire hazard. Avoid the phone and keep the bedroom solely for rest!

2.Eat Something Light Yet Healthy

It is true, we all get hungry right before bedtime, there is just something about knowing we won’t eat for 7-8 hours. Well, we’ve all been there, in the predicament when you’re hungry and tired at the same time, but don’t know which task to accomplish first. Do yourself and your lover a favor, eat something light yet healthy. Some good choices could be: yogurt, fruit, bedtime tea, hot milk with cinnamon, cucumbers, anything healthy, rich in antioxidants, and light will work.

3.Stretch Your Body Well

Stretching is good for anyone who practices this longevity secret. Not enough people know the wonders of stretching, so it is relative that individuals stretch before bed. If you’re feeling tight, find an open area, and stretch out, your tight back and body will eventually loosen up and it will surely make falling asleep much, much, more easier than had you went to bed feeling tightly cramped from within.

4. Exercise More

Who ever said exercising was a bad thing? It is always good to make sure that we exercise nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter what particular time you exercise, what really matters in this case is that you do it! Like Nike says, just do it, put on your sneaks, do it! Exercising a couple of hours before bed will help you fall snooze sooner than you know it.

5. Take Aspirin, A Natural Painkiller

As we get older, we tend to have more and more problems with our health, especially if it’s years and years built up of mistreatment and self abuse that has been done to our bodies. Don’t wake up one day and wonder why you’re feeling bad. Take an aspirin before bed, it is a natural pain killer, and thins our blood, so the stress levels won’t reside blood deep.

6. Make Sure You’re Sleeping On The Right Pillow

Pillows are everything! Find a pillow with good support, don’t scrimp on your pillow otherwise your neck will hate you and your sleep will be interrupted with more tossing and turning.

7. Keep Out Noise Distractions

Turn off all television and computer devices. Turn off radio’s, etc. as these noises can take away from the quality of sleep. Rest in peace. zzzz..

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